If I Started a Business Again Today, I’d Do This

Video Creator: Ali Abdaal

In today’s fast-paced business world, many entrepreneurs find themselves torn between chasing profits and seeking personal fulfillment.

But what if you could have both?

Ali Abdaal introduces the Feel-Good Business Model, a unique approach that combines profitability with passion, ensuring you not only make money… but also enjoy the journey.


In this illuminating video, Ali shares how you can build a “feel-good business” that provides both profit and fulfillment.

Discover the secrets to crafting a lifestyle-friendly empire doing what you’re passionate about.

Key Points from the Video

Understand Different Business Models:

  • Traditional Business: Steady growth, moderate capital requirements, and a hierarchical structure.
  • High Growth Startups: Rapid growth, high capital requirements, and a flexible structure.
  • Feel-Good Business: Prioritizes personal fulfillment, high profit margins, and work-life balance.

The Feel-Good Business Charter:

  • Aim for personal fulfillment, meaningful work, and a positive impact.
  • Prioritize enjoyment, positive relationships, autonomy, diversified clientele, and sustainable growth.
  • Focus on profitability, flexibility, minimized synchronous work, and fulfilling work.

Ali Abdaal’s 5-Step Framework to Build a Feel-Good Business:

Step 1: Identify your passion

Identify a skill you’re passionate about and validate its market demand.

The foundation of a feel-good business is doing work you genuinely enjoy. Reflect on your innate talents and interests. What could you create valuable products, services or content around?

Step 2: Choose a business model

Choose a business model (service, product, or content) and generate leads.

Once you’ve identified your passion, consider how to build it into a money-making endeavor. You could offer it as a service, create products, or share free content that leads to eventual monetization.

Step 3: Create a minimum viable product

Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the market.

Don’t get stuck planning endlessly. Build a basic version of your idea and get it out into the world. Use feedback to refine and improve.

Step 4: Scale sustainably

Scale sustainably and maintain a work-life balance.

Growth and profit are good, but avoid pushing too fast too soon. Prioritize work-life balance from day one for a manageable, fulfilling business.

Step 5: Re-evaluate periodically

Periodically re-evaluate and pivot based on feedback and personal fulfillment.

As your business evolves, check in with yourself. Are you still doing work you love? Don’t be afraid to pivot to maintain enjoyment.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Ignoring market validation.
  • Scaling too rapidly.
  • Neglecting work-life balance.

Our Takeaway

Building a successful business doesn’t have to come at the expense of your personal happiness.

It does take effort…but with the right mindset, you can create a money-making endeavor that doesn’t force you to grind yourself to the bone.

Remember, it’s not just about the destination but also the journey.

So, why not make that journey as enjoyable as possible?

This is more or less the same approach we are taking with Awesome Content Creator.

I’d say we are currently working on Step 3 of his 5 step framework.

One step at a time. See you at the next one!

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on Ali’s approach to starting a feel good business?

Do you have a passion that’s ready to take the next step?

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