About Awesome Content Creator

Our world is overflowing with incredible digital tools, resources, and information.

But distractions pop off every second, and the creator economy is no exception...

We're bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes, elaborate spectacles, and video after video about the fastest way to gain the most by doing the least.

It's easy to succumb to FOMO, or feel that any other approach to being a “creator" feels like the wrong way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cut through the chaos. 

Shorten your learning curve, boost your creative skills, and help turn your knowledge into consistent, reliable income

We've studied hundreds of creative entrepreneurs—the best in their field.

We analyze their habits, tactics, workflows, and frameworks... we consolidate these strategies, look for patterns, and put them into practice.

Awesome Content Creator, as a project, is a testament to this practice.

Our Viewpoint

We believe that editing is the most important skill to be successful as a creator.

This is even more true when considering recent techonlogical innovations like generative AI.

Editing is the fundamental skill of the creative process.

Editing is not just used in copywriting and video/audio creation—but in all creative pursuits. It may go by a different name, but it is most certainly there…

Editing is assembly.
Editing is connecting.
Editing is creating.
  • It’s gathering and combining a variety of different elements and sources—ideas, inspiration, content, audio, visuals, effects…
  • Picking the right tools, apps, and services.
  • Making decisions about what to keep, what to cut, and how to package and present an idea.
So we focus our attention on process... and on building and developing editing skills.

Our Approach

At Awesome Content Creator, we zero in on what a “content creator” is actually doing:
  1. Building a business.
  2. Creating a collection of assets that the creator owns.
  3. Leveraging those assets to work on their behalf—indefinitely. 24/7. 365.

We zero in on what a content creator is actually doing... building a business.

We consistently ask the question: What makes a piece of content truly AWESOME?

Said another way: "What makes it valuable to you?"
  • When it educates you?
  • Entertains you?
  • Inspires you? Empathizes with you?
  • Makes you think differently?
We believe these are the things that really make content stand out.

Creating something is one thing… but creating something valuable is another!

How We Can Help You

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No gimmicks or empty promises, we simply try to cut through the noise and share practical tips for creators who want to leave their mark... while staying true to themselves.

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Awesome Content Creator is centralizing that information.

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Full Speed Ahead

We are building a creative knowledge network.

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Teaching them to Create Smarter.

We are building a Creative Knowledge Network.

About Joel Simser

My name is Joel, and I'm the founder of Awesome Content Creator.

Although this may appear to be somewhat of a new venture... I am far from “new” to the creative landscape.

I've been a professional video editor since 2001.

I've worked on just about every kind of video project there is... and over the years I've pursued many different creative outlets—all of which have enhanced my skill as an editor:
  • I’m a motion graphics designer.
  • I’m a multi-instrumentalist/music producer (had some success with royalty free music, and even released a few full length solo concept albums).
  • I’ve been a character voice-over artist, a creative-comedy scriptwriter, an audio-post engineer…
  • And of course—a website designer (you’re looking at one of ’em right now 🙂).
  • I also currently run a creative agency and work with businesses that you know well.

Creativity is problem solving.

Each of these ventures has been its own unique puzzle to be solved.

My experience in the creative industry and understanding of how to craft and deliver quality content is the backbone of Awesome Content Creator. 

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I'm open to opportunities such as: 
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  • Creative Services
  • Sponsorships
  • Podcast/YouTube Guesting
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