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  • 3 EASY STEPS to Improve Audio Quality in Your Video Edits

    Joel Simser

    Posted: December 2, 2023

    12 minute read

    Computer monitor displaying a warning about a common video editing mistake. The on-screen text reads "Don't make this editing mistake!" and has an arrow pointing to an audio track on a video editing timeline.
  • The Best Way to Organize Video Files for Editing

    Joel Simser

    Posted: November 25, 2023

    12 minute read

    3D concept of a hierarchical structure of folders and files with neon glow with text that says "Organize Video Projects Like a Pro."
  • Productize Yourself: How to Turn Your Unique Skills into Profit

    Joel Simser

    Posted: October 21, 2023

    10 minute read

    Digital profile of a human head with circuit lines and a barcode, with text 'Productize Yourself: Turn Your Expertise into Profit'.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Realistic Ways to Make Money with AI

    Joel Simser

    Posted: October 14, 2023

    11 minute read

    Render of a modern generative AI robot with a clean, unembellished design. It faces the camera head-on, and its eyes, reminiscent of vivid screens, seem to be analyzing and connecting with the observer. There is text above that says "How Can I Help You?".
  • 8 Transformative Advantages of Starting a Content Creation Business

    Joel Simser

    Posted: October 7, 2023

    8 minute read

    An artist exploring infinite creative possibilites.
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