How To Write Your Way To Millions of Dollars and Subscribers

Video Creator: David Perell

The media business is competitive, but this founder built a multi-million dollar media company in just a few years…

His secret?

Understanding the craft of writing in a way that attracts and engages readers.

In this extensive interview with David Perell, Sam Parr reveals the key principles of crafting magnetic headlines, irresistible leads, and bold yet professional copy that draws readers in.

Whether you’re writing for business or pleasure, these proven techniques will help you maximize impact and take your writing to the next level.

Actionable Tips from the Video

  • Headlines are crucial. Spend time crafting headlines that will grab readers and get clicks. You can increase clicks from 1% to 10% with a great headline.
  • Leads matter. The first 1-2 sentences need to pull the reader into your piece. Make the “slope slippery” so they keep reading.
  • Go short or long. Articles tend to work best at <500 words or >2000 words. Avoid the “no man’s land” in between.
  • Use bold, concrete language. Words should be bold yet professional. Make specific claims with facts/stats.
  • Don’t neglect the “forgotten text.” That’s the copy that’s typically just a given, like the “Thank You” email. Use these as opportunities.
  • Rhythm matters. Vary sentence length and structure. Use devices like antithesis and alliteration.
  • Do “copywork.” Hand copy passages from great writers to learn their style.
  • Move fast. Publish quickly to build momentum. Don’t overthink.
  • Have fun! Write in a way that makes you and the reader smile. Inject personality.

Our Takeaway

Writing magnetically is a skill that can transform your career and personal life.

It’s a mix of art and science.

Develop your own voice. Write with your BFF in mind (Bold, Fast, & Fun)!

Polish your headlines, leads, and language.

Commit to publishing consistently.

Do the work, have fun with it, and watch your audience grow.

Your Turn

Does your writing truly engage readers?

What are some tips you’ve integrated into your process?

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