How to Create Morning Brew-Style Newsletters in beehiiv (Tutorial)

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Want to unlock the secrets top publishers use to capture attention, spark interest, and drive growth?

As a content creator, the benefits of having a newsletter are massive. But there are a ton of newsletter platforms to choose from:

ConvertKit, Substack, beehiiv, Active Campaign, Mailer-lite, Constant Contact, Mailchimp…

It’s tough to know where to start.

For me, it was between ConvertKit and beehiiv, and I’ve personally decided to go with beehiiv. You can see my full reasoning in the “Our Takeaway” section below.

With this quick tutorial directly from beehiiv, learn how to quickly transform your communications into sleek, professional newsletters that your audience will enjoy reading.

Actionable Items from the Video

beehiiv gives you a lot of flexibility with customization. It’s super easy to achieve a similar look to something like the popular Morning Brew newsletter style.

This video shows you how in less than 4 minutes. Here are some of the steps:

  • Replace the Title and Subtitle with a Logo Banner: Skip the text header and make more visual impact with your own logo. Upload it directly in the editor or header settings.
  • Add Section Borders: Use built-in settings to create borders around each section, customized with rounded corners, faint colors, and spacing. This visually separates content.
  • Style Bold Section Headings: Format section names in all caps, different colors, and heading sizes. Hold shift when creating line breaks to connect subheadings seamlessly to titles.
  • Color Code Links: Underline and colorize hyperlinks so they stand out. Adjust default settings in the design lab.
  • Include a Referral Sign Up: Quickly insert a referral link at the bottom to help readers share and organically grow your list.
  • Save Sections as Templates: Reuse your formatted sections instead of starting from scratch each time.

Our Takeaway (specifically beehiiv vs ConvertKit)

beehiiv really does make it easy to create a visually appealing newsletter—all built-in to it’s service, and without having to do any kind of additional coding.

While ConvertKit is a popular newsletter platform for a lot of creators… I personally found it a bit difficult to work with overall. Even after spending time trying to make it work, I still wasn’t completely happy with how far I customize and personalize it’s output.

I’ve learned that other creator’s use add-ons just to give them the actual customization options they want with ConvertKit. So… you need to spend more money for another app to get something that should be included in the first place? No thanks.

To me, beehiiv’s current user experience from a writing/crafting standpoint is way smoother than ConvertKit. Design-wise—it’s more customizable and easier to achieve my desired result.

Plus, the website itself is much quicker to navigate. I guess I’ve made my choice.

Your Turn

Do you have a newsletter? What is your preferred platform? Does it give you the quality results you want?

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