How to Create a WordPress “Blueprint” Site for Rapid Development (Every WP & Plugin Setting Revealed!)

Video Creator: Kevin Geary

Are you installing the same plugins and tweaking the same settings over and over again each time you start a new WordPress project?

What if you could launch fully-configured WordPress sites tailored to your needs in just a few clicks?


In this video, Kevin Geary shows how to create your own WordPress “blueprint” site – a customizable template that allows you to skip the tedious setup process and get new projects up and running in minutes instead of hours.

Benefits of a Blueprint Site

  • Saves you massive amounts of time by eliminating redundant configuration steps
  • Gives you a standardized starting point tailored to your needs
  • Allows you to launch ready-made sites in just a few clicks

With a solid blueprint ready to go, you’ll save hours of repetitive work and be able to deliver new sites to your clients at record speed.

How to Create Your Own Blueprint Site

Follow these steps to build an effective blueprint for your WordPress projects:

  • Install WordPress locally using a tool like Local by Flywheel for simplicity
  • Set up your ideal admin user account for easy access later
  • Delete unnecessary default widgets and content
  • Configure key settings like permalinks, search visibility, etc.
  • Install and activate your essential plugins; add license keys
  • Create dummy posts, pages, menus and media files for testing
  • Set up custom post types you reuse like services, team members, etc.
  • Install your standard theme and configure settings
  • Add any custom fonts, styles and templates you want available
  • Optimize with SEO, speed and security plugins pre-configured
  • Export site files and media for quick deployment whenever needed

Our Takeaway

To quote Kevin Geary: “Don’t be a chump!

Save yourself tons of TIME by learning how to do things the right way from the beginning.

Building a tailored WordPress blueprint site takes some upfront effort, but saves vast amounts of time down the road.

You eliminate redundant configuration steps, standardize your setup process, and can launch new fully-featured sites at the drop of a hat.

Simply clone your starter site to quickly launch a properly configured WordPress build in minutes instead of hours.

Your Turn

Do you have a templatized “blueprint” WordPress website? If you didn’t before… I’ll bet you are thinking about creating one now.

Let us know your setup process in the comments, and if you have a special/unique way of setting up your website build.

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