DO THIS to make your first $10k on YouTube

Video Creator: Creator Booth

Most YouTubers are completely overlooking one of the most powerful tools for monetizing their audience.

It’s called email marketing.

And when done right, it can transform your income and impact overnight.

In this video, Ed from Creator Booth reveals his step-by-step system for leveraging email to tap into YouTube’s profit potential like never before. Ed covers everything from building your list, to writing compelling emails, to launching offers that convert.

If you want to take your YouTube channel from a fun hobby to a serious business, you need to be using email. Don’t miss this game-changing training!

Actionable Tips from the Video

  • Build an email list. This gives you a direct line to your most engaged viewers outside of YouTube’s platform. Critical for diversifying income streams.
  • Start with a simple opt-in page. Offer value in exchange for emails. “Get YouTube tips in your inbox each week” is enough to get started. Avoid complicated lead magnets or sequences when first building your list.
  • Send emails consistently. Start by committing to 1 email per month. Build up frequency over time as you gain experience. Shoot for weekly once you’ve built an engaged audience.
  • Provide value in each email. Give advice, tell stories, answer questions – whatever your audience wants more of. No need to ‘sell’ in every email, just consistently deliver useful content.
  • Promote your email list. Mention it in videos, link in descriptions, tease upcoming emails on social media. Make signups frictionless.
  • Monetize with promotions. Link to your own products or affiliate offers. Do dedicated promotional emails when launching something new. Just avoid being salesy in every single email.
  • Start simple. Use a newsletter platform like ConvertKit or beehiiv… write emails in a casual conversational tone, and don’t worry about complex automations or funnels. Focus on providing consistent value and growing your list first.
  • Study others. Sign up for emails in your niche to get ideas for subject lines, formats, content types and promotions.

Our Takeaway

Email marketing complements YouTube perfectly.

By leveraging email in addition to your videos, you can build closer relationships with viewers, diversify your income, and take your channel to the next level.

Start small, provide consistent value, and watch your audience and revenue grow.

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