YouTube Favoritism: What Small Creators Need to Know

Video Creator: Nate Black

Nobody with a small channel wants to hear this, but it’s true:

YouTube treats small channels differently than big ones.

The algorithm processes and promotes content uniquely, often testing videos intermittently or prioritizing proven, successful channels.

Overcoming this requires providing more quality content to give the algorithm sufficient data.

However, human psychology also influences audience behavior around small creators, making them act cautiously before investing time.

To combat these challenges, Nate Black shares some actionable tips in this video:

Actionable Tips from the Video

  • Increase your content output to provide more focused data for testing
  • Acknowledge your channel’s smallness to build authenticity with the niche audience
  • Seek outside perspectives to identify blind spots holding you back
  • Analyze successful examples to understand what works from a third-party view

The Takeaway

The key to solving your visibility problem is to upload high-quality videos consistently.

This gives YouTube’s system more chances to see your channel’s potential… and as the algorithm learns your channel is good—YouTube will start showing your videos to more people.

Put simply: Make more videos.

Do this diligently, and your channel’s growth will speed up as YouTube sees your commitment to quality.

You’ll begin to get more views and engagement… which will lead to each of your uploads having a greater chance finding an audience.

Follow these simple strategies and you can escape the small channel rut and achieve long-term YouTube success.

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