A New Era of AI Has Just Begun

Video Creator: Matt Wolfe

Have you noticed your favorite apps getting smarter lately?

They’re powered by a historic AI boom that experts are calling the most pivotal tech advance since the smartphone.

In this video, Matt Wolfe shows us how AI is transforming the tools we already use every day – often without you even realizing it. From AI assistants that can see and hear, to augmented reality glasses that are practically mind-reading.

The AI revolution is here. And it’s being delivered through the familiar interfaces you’re hooked on.

Watch the video or read on to learn how AI is about to supersize your favorite apps and make 2023 the year your devices get shockingly smart.

Pivotal Items from the Video

  • ChatGPT gets vision and speech. The popular AI chatbot can now see images you upload and listen to your voice queries. This makes it much more useful for real-world tasks.
  • Meta AI sunglasses translate signs and identify objects. Meta’s new augmented reality glasses have AI built-in to translate foreign languages and identify things you point the camera at.
  • Windows 11 gets an AI copilot. Microsoft added an AI assistant panel to Windows 11. It can answer questions, generate images, and automate simple tasks.
  • Anthropic partners with Amazon. Anthropic, makers of the Claude AI assistant, got a $4 billion investment from Amazon. This could give them the scale to compete with ChatGPT.
  • Snap and Microsoft partner on AI ads. You may soon see sponsored suggestions in Snapchat’s conversational AI bot, powered by Microsoft’s ad platform.
  • Hollywood studios can train AI on scripts. Writers reached a deal to let studios use their scripts to train AI models, with restrictions. This could rapidly improve storywriting AI tools.

Our Takeaway

The key takeaway is that AI is improving exponentially, and it’s now being tightly integrated into the interfaces we use every day.

This means AI assistants will become our go-to tools for more and more tasks. Rather than switching between bespoke AI apps, the AI will come to us.

The optimistic view is that this will remove drudgery from our lives, freeing us up for more creative and interpersonal pursuits. But it also requires us to proactively develop skills AI can’t replicate, like critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

If you want to stay on the leading edge of AI, pay attention to how it gets incorporated into the tools you already use. The surface-level changes may seem subtle, but the deep impact will be profound.

If you’re interested in anything related to AI and how these tools are changing, Matt Wolfe is a must follow.

Your Turn

Does all of this progress make you nervous or excite you? Perhaps both? Yep, me too.

From the perspective of a creator—I’m loving all of these advancements.

How are you integrating these new apps and tools in your content creation workflow? Any favorites?

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