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Video Creator: The Futur

We live in an era where AI can generate any kind of creative work – images, videos, poetry, music, and more.

While this technology is powerful, it also means humans need to cultivate discernment and “taste” to evaluate these AI creations.

As teachers and creatives, how can we develop this elusive quality of taste?

In a fascinating discussion, The Futur’s Chris Do talks with Kevin Lau, Executive Creative Director at +MODE by MOCEAN and explores this question.

Actionable Items from the Video

  • Look to visionaries as models. People like Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, and Rick Rubin have an intuitive ability to synthesize diverse influences into innovative new styles. They also are willing to buck trends and experiment. We should aim to foster this spirit of openness and curiosity in students.
  • Fail fast and learn from experience. Trial and error helps calibrate taste. We need to create environments where students can experiment freely and get rapid feedback. Critiques and consensus building also hone instincts.
  • Immerse yourself in art history. Understanding movements and genres provides vital context and reference points. With this foundation, we can give precise prompts to AI by mixing and matching elements from different eras. Know the legends.
  • Develop rhetoric and critical analysis skills. Learn to articulate why something works or doesn’t work. Break down songs, paintings, and designs into their components. Reverse engineer greatness.
  • Expose yourself to quality in the real world. Notice good and bad design in everyday objects. Train your eye by consciously evaluating architecture, craftsmanship, and art.
  • Lead the machine, don’t let it lead you. Use your contextual knowledge and taste to direct AI creations, not the other way around. The human must remain in charge of the creative process.

Our Takeaway

I loved this conversation, because it’s exactly what I’ve been contemplating myself.

Though “good taste” may come more naturally to some, it can be nurtured in anyone.

I believe good judgment + editing skills are essential to future success as a creative entrepreneur, and that’s exactly what we’re helping people build with Awesome Content Creator.

As creative educators, we must rediscover timeless creative traditions and frameworks. As artists, we must open our minds to new innovations while staying grounded.

With broad perspectives and critical thinking, we can guide AI to enhance creativity rather than replace it.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on creativity in the age of AI?

How can a creative person best navigate a world where anybody with an internet connection can conjure up an incredible work of art without any experience?

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