If I Started a YouTube Channel in 2023, I’d Do This

Video Creator: Ali Abdaal

YouTube presents a tremendous opportunity to build an audience around your interests and skills.

However, in the crowded YouTube landscape, it’s essential to have a plan if you want your channel to take off…

Follow Ali Abdaals 3-level blueprint to find out if you’re ready to go from zero subscribers to YouTube success.

Is YouTube Your Next Serious Relationship?

Ali compares starting a YouTube channel to beginning a new romantic relationship. It’s a brilliant analogy.

Just like going on first dates, your initial videos are about getting a feel for things and seeing if you vibe with the process. After a few videos, you have to decide whether you want a casual or committed relationship with YouTube.

If you’re serious, you’ll put in consistent effort week after week, just like you would with a serious partner. And throughout the journey, you’ll get to know yourself and the platform better, confronting hurdles and deepening the relationship.

So, how far do you want to take this relationship?

Level 1: Get Going

  • Make your first 3 videos to get started and test the waters. Don’t worry about polishing – just start creating.
  • Get familiar with the platform and process of making videos. See how you feel about it.
  • Create a channel, make basic branding elements (banner, profile pic, etc.).
  • After 3 videos, decide: casual or committed relationship with YouTube?

Level 2: Get Good Enough

  • Make 7 more videos, focusing on improving your video creation skills.
  • Work on titles, thumbnails, editing, speaking on camera, and more. The topic doesn’t matter yet.
  • Continue learning by doing. See what you enjoy creating.

Level 3: Get Smart

  • Understand YouTube’s key metrics: clicks, watch time, and satisfaction. Optimize your content accordingly.
  • Define your niche by identifying your target audience and value proposition. Make strategic content.
  • Analyze competitors and determine your unique edge to stand out.
  • Systematize your process to maintain quality at scale.

Tips for Beginners

  • Don’t overthink it – just start creating videos! You’ll improve with practice.
  • Focus first on improving your skills before settling on a niche.
  • Treat YouTube seriously and consistently if you want channel growth. Casual efforts won’t cut it.
  • Build systems and leverage tools to save time with the right workflows.

Your Turn

Starting a successful YouTube channel takes research, planning, and persistence. Follow this 3-level blueprint to go from zero experience to a thriving channel.

Define your niche, find your distinctive style, systematize your process, and keep optimizing based on YouTube’s key metrics.

With focus and consistency, you can build an audience and make an impact on YouTube.

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