How to Use DALL.E 3 – Top Tips for Best Results

Video Creator: Howfinity

Ready to see your wildest ideas come to life through AI artistry?

DALL-E 3 and ChatGPT combine to unlock a new creative realm where you can summon custom visuals with mere words. Join the image generation revolution!

DALL-E 3 is the latest artificial intelligence system from OpenAI for generating images from text prompts. It builds upon the capabilities of DALL-E 2 and is now being integrated directly into ChatGPT Plus.

This opens up exciting new possibilities for easily creating custom images through conversational AI.

In this great video, Howfinity breaks down what you need to know to get started with DALL-E 3:

Key Takeaways from the Video

  • DALL-E 3 is rolling out slowly to ChatGPT Plus users. Check under the “GPT-4” menu for access. Those without Plus can try it in Bing for free.
  • Unlike DALL-E 2, you don’t need the perfect prompt anymore. ChatGPT will interactively refine the prompt for you.
  • Start with a simple text description. ChatGPT will suggest prompt variations to try. Pick one and iterate from there.
  • You can download images directly in 1024×1024 resolution. Specify “horizontal” or “vertical” for different dimensions.
  • Adding text overlay is now possible. This was very difficult previously.
  • There are strict copyright restrictions, so you can’t reference specific brands or artists. Stick to descriptive terms.
  • Bing is more flexible with copyright and style mimicry. But ChatGPT allows more iterative prompt refinement.
  • Usage limits apply based on ChatGPT messages per time period, not on DALL-E generations specifically.

Our Takeaway

Looks like Midjourney has some real competition in the image generation department.

So far, the consensus seems to be that Midjourney is still preferred for image quality.. but DALL-E 3 is much more accurate from a prompting standpoint—it does a great job of displaying exactly what people requested.

DALL-E 3 makes AI image generation more accessible through seamless ChatGPT integration. Experiment with prompts and let the versatile virtual AI assistant guide you.

Leverage Bing as well for alternative approaches.

With practice, you can create custom visuals for any idea or concept you can describe in words. This technology is progressing rapidly, so stay tuned for future improvements.

Your Turn

What is your preferred AI image generator? I’m a super-fan of Midjourney—but am happy to see more high-level competition.

Let me know your thoughts about DALL-E 3 and image generation overall in the comments section below!

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