How To BEST Organize Your Gmail Inbox in 2023 (Top 3 Mind-Blowing Inbox Tips)

Video Creator: Stewart Gauld

Drowning in an Endless Sea of Unread Gmails?

An overflowing inbox can lead to missed important emails and wasted time trying to find what you need.

Well, you’re in luck. This video from Stewart Gauld shows how to systematically slice through the clutter, organize what remains, and find exactly what you need in seconds.

With just a few simple tricks—you can whip your Gmail inbox into shape in no time.

Actionable Items from the Video

  • Bulk delete old emails you don’t need. You can select all conversations on a page or all conversations in your inbox and delete with one click.
  • Create an Updates inbox. Go to Settings > Inbox > Updates and enable it. Now less important notifications go to Updates instead of your main inbox.
  • Set up filters to automatically delete spam. Search for “unsubscribe” then create a filter to delete any email containing “unsubscribe.” Adjust filters as needed.
  • Add labels to categorize key emails. For example, create a “Newsletters” label in green and apply it to relevant messages. Labels help you organize and find important emails fast.
  • Leverage nesting to add sub-labels for more organization, like a “Monday Newsletters” label under “Newsletters.”
  • Delete relentlessly. Don’t keep old emails you don’t need to refer back to. Archive important messages you may need later.

Our Takeaway

With a clean inbox, you’ll be able to find critical messages easily, stay on top of important communications, and reduce inbox anxiety.

Follow these tips and transform your overflowing Gmail inbox into a manageable and efficient process.

Your Turn

Do you have a different system for handling emails and communication?

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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