Become The FASTEST EDITOR Alive! (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Video Creator: Premiere Basics

What if you could edit videos twice as fast without sacrificing quality?

Editing can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t have the right workflow.

The good news? With some simple tricks, you can streamline your workflow and avoid common bottlenecks. Cut your editing time in half, keep clients happy, and reclaim your creative freedom…

The time you save means more money in your pocket.

Check out this great video by Premiere Basics and start editing like a pro.

10 Awesome Tips for Editing Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Trim clips quickly with keyboard shortcuts. Instead of dragging, use Q and W keys to rip and trim clips faster.
  2. Scrub through footage quickly. Use JKL keys to scrub back and forth, speeding up playback for quicker reviewing.
  3. Make precise cuts with arrow keys. Set End and Period keys as shortcuts for frame-by-frame navigation.
  4. Customize and learn shortcuts. Assign shortcuts to common tasks and get a keyboard overlay to learn them faster.
  5. Combine Lumetri effects into a single LUT. Duplicate the clip, remove effects, use color match to bake them in, and export the LUT.
  6. Sync clips to music automatically. Place markers on the beats, set clip in/out points, and use Automate to Sequence to sync everything.
  7. Save and re-use templates. Save customized project files as templates to skip repetitive setup tasks.
  8. Recover missing audio quickly. Open clip in Source Monitor and drag audio back into the timeline to replace.
  9. Transcribe speech automatically. Enable automatic transcriptions on import to get texts without manual work.
  10. Test beta features like text editing. New versions let you quickly delete pauses or extract words right in Premiere.

Our Takeaway

As a video editor, speed and efficiency are crucial to delivering projects on time. Often, it’s not creative challenges but small inefficiencies that slow down our editing.

With a few simple workflow tweaks and shortcuts, you can seriously cut down on repetitive tasks and speed up your video editing.

Try out some of these tips to boost efficiency and spend more time being creative.

The faster your editing, the sooner you can deliver polished videos to clients.

Your Turn

What tricks have helped your video editing workflow? Any great Premiere Pro plug-ins that editors should be using?

Share your thoughts below!

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