50 Game-Changing Podcasting Tips in 15 Minutes

Video Creator: Pat Flynn

With over a decade of experience in the podcasting game…

Pat Flynn knows what works—and what doesn’t.

Podcasting is an exciting way share your knowledge and connect with an engaged audience. Loyal listeners tend to spend a lengthy amount of time with the podcasts they enjoy… which earns its creator trust.

But where do you start? And how do you ensure your show is a hit?

In this video, Pat shares 50 actionable strategies to launch and grow a thriving podcast.

Pat Flynn’s 50 Tips For Podcasting

  1. Mention other podcasts on your show to get listed under their related podcasts.
  2. Make your podcast as long as it needs to be to provide the value you want to give.
  3. Your podcast artwork is very important – make sure it looks good small.
  4. Be a guest on other podcasts to get discovered and endorsed.
  5. If you want to be a guest on another podcast, start with people who you know first.
  6. Tell more stories – people love them.
  7. Invest in a great microphone – audio is critical.
  8. Speak about a fist distance from the mic.
  9. Use a shock mount to hold your mic.
  10. Get a mic flag with your brand/logo.
  11. Batch process episodes to get ahead.
  12. Plan ahead to avoid the content hamster wheel.
  13. Don’t over-edit – leave some naturalness.
  14. Make guests comfortable and pretend it’s just a conversation.
  15. Use Squadcast or similar for remote interviews, not Zoom.
  16. Check your Related Podcasts section to find guest opportunities.
  17. Look at analytics trends and episode performance to optimize.
  18. Use the retention graphs that podcasting platforms provide – look for dips, and figure out what happened.
  19. Do “burst” publishing to quickly gain downloads/exposure.
  20. Put visuals from podcast on your website.
  21. Only mention 1-2 links at a time, and make them easy to remember.
  22. Build an email list with a lead magnet.
  23. Have a conversation with 1 listener/month for feedback.
  24. Don’t make a big deal if you return from a break – just get into value.
  25. It’s okay to pivot direction – your podcast can evolve.
  26. Appreciate your subscribers as real human beings.
  27. Bring customers/clients on as guests to discuss transformations.
  28. Relatable, smaller guests often make the best interviews.
  29. Bring a mic when traveling to events to capture conversations.
  30. Use a mobile recorder or phone lav mics to record on the go.
  31. Consider the Rodecaster Pro mixer/recorder for easy home recording.
  32. Record video as backup to pull audio from if needed.
  33. If you need a quick interview, find a friend or colleague.
  34. Ask follow-up questions to go deeper in interviews.
  35. Reverse engineer your episode outline from the desired transformation.
  36. Don’t fully script episodes – just outline and talk naturally.
  37. Lean into who you are – don’t try to be like others.
  38. Create a community for your listeners to connect.
  39. Do recap/clip episodes to remind listeners of past value.
  40. Participate in forums organically before promoting your podcast.
  41. Interview forum owners to get them to share your episode.
  42. Compare yourself only to your previous performance.
  43. Link to your website or a linktree on social media.
  44. Hook the listener at the start to keep them listening.
  45. Thank listeners who engage on social media with a personal video.
  46. Repurpose dry interviews by using just the good clips.
  47. Make “listicle” episodes more interesting by telling a story first.
  48. Only use royalty free or custom music.
  49. End episodes efficiently without too much summary.
  50. End abruptly to lead listeners into the next episode.

Our Takeaway

Wow—Pat Flynn delivers so much valuable information in this video.

Creating a loyal podcast audience is like nurturing a garden… you need to plant the seeds, provide consistent value, and cultivate engagement in order to help it blossom over time.

With the right strategy, your show can change lives across the globe.

Start integrating some of these amazing podcasting tips… stay true to yourself and play to your strengths.

Success stems from authenticity.

Your Turn

What tips do you have for creating compelling podcast content? What promotion tactics have worked for building your audience? Share your thoughts below!

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