Do you have a skill worth sharing?

Something someone has paid you to do… or something you enjoy and have gotten pretty good at?

It could be anything…

  • A unique way of approaching X?
  • A faster way to achieve Y?
  • Insights that could help someone who is 2 to 5 years behind you in their journey?

Then you should consider starting a content creation business.

Consistently putting out high-value content that actually helps people can provide countless benefits and transform your future.

Here are 8 reasons why I started a content creation business.

From Invisible to Authority

I’ve been working in the creative industry for over 20 years, but I’ve done this with a very limited online presence.

99% of my professional work has been from repeat clients, or come to me via word of mouth and referrals—which is a good thing…

But think about it:

I could only be found through my current and previous contacts.

Graphic that says "I was essentially invisible online."

The good news is: changing this is as simple as it sounds—you have to be visible.

You have to show up.

And when you show up and consistently publish valuable content… you begin to build your credibility and establish a public reputation as an expert—a reliable and trusted source of information.

Your Content is a Digital Business Card

Once you start posting content:

  • You extend your potential reach far beyond your current network.
  • Each piece of content you put out becomes a “digital business card” that’s accessible indefinitely (more on that in the next section).
  • You create a lasting impression.
A modern female artist, starting a content creation business, explores creative possibilities with generative AI.

High-value content means showcasing your expertise, creativity, and unique voice—leaving a positive impression on your audience.

This can also serve as a gateway for potential future clients, collaborators, or employers.

Your Ideas Become Assets That Never Sleep

Every piece of content you create is an asset that you own—one that works directly on your behalf around the clock… every single day of the year.

Graphic that says "Every tweet, every video, and every post is a digital employee that works for you indefinitely."

It took me longer to realize this than I like to admit.

In the past, being a creative-focused person—I never thought about the “business” side of creativity. I just wanted to work on my passion.

So, after working all day at my video editing job… I went home and produced music—nearly every night.

Then one day it hit me:

I’m getting pretty good… I could probably actually make money with this.

So I put out a few royalty free music tracks.

This image shows a screenshot of the authors Royalty Free Music profile in July of 2014.  He had 7 items for sale, and 3 sales at the time.

A few days went by… then, one day you wake up and see your first internet $.

“Oh… I like this!”

I didn’t fully realize the compounding nature of this until a few months later… when I was still making sales from songs I released months ago.

Fast-forward literal years—and I’m STILL making sales here and there from music tracks I created 7+ years ago!

This image shows 2 screenshots of the authors Royalty Free Music profile - one from 2016 and one from 2023.  It is visually showing how sales kept coming in, even as he stopped creating assets.

Compare the two screenshots above. The top one is from June of 2016, and the bottom was taken this week (October, 2023).

Remember: The vast majority of effort I put into creating these assets was between 2014-2016.

When you publish content online: whether it’s blog posts, videos, music, or social media… it remains accessible to a global audience at any time.

As you build up your own library, you begin to reap the benefits of compounding.

While you sleep, travel, and focus on other tasks—your content is actively engaging with your audience, attracting potential customers, and building your online presence.

High-Value Content Builds a Bridge

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field through content also builds trust and authority with your audience.

Trust is the cornerstone of successful relationships—whether they are with loved ones, customers, clients, or followers.

Graphic that says "Building trust through content can lead to increased engagement, loyalty, and ultimately—conversions."

Conversations further expand those relationships and trust, and bring awareness of exactly how your content is resonating with people.

Starting a Content Creation Business Expands Your Universe of Possibilities

Content has the potential to unlock unexpected opportunities.

When you share your knowledge, ideas, and perspectives on the internet… this obviously exposes your work to more people—some of whom may have connections, resources, or opportunities relevant to you that you were previously unaware of.

So while you may not know precisely where creating content will lead, putting your ideas out into the world increases the chances of your content getting in front of the right people at the right time—people who recognize your talents and could potentially open new doors for your career or business.

A visual artist, with a colorful aura around him, exploring infinite creative possibilities.

For example, someone may come across an article you wrote, or a design you created… be impressed by your expertise, and decide to invite you to participate in a conference, collaborate on a project, or contribute to their publication. Or your content may get passed along to an influential figure in your industry who ends up offering you a book deal, a speaking engagement, or a new job opportunity.

The more content you create, the further your reach expands, and the more likely you are to attract these possibilities.

Your Expertise Can Create a Meaningful Impact

Take the knowledge and skills you’ve built over the years and showcase it in a way that genuinely benefits your audience.

Graphic that says "When you address the needs of your audience... answer their questions, solve their problems—you are providing real value."

This fosters loyalty and a sense of community among your followers or customers.

Moreover, when your content consistently adds value, it’s more likely to be shared—expanding your reach and influence.

With consistency and time, your efforts compound… which can lead to a real meaningful impact on others.

Content Can Create Community

Ideas have the power to bring people together.

As you openly share content created with care, you not only draw in new followers, but can also cultivate a community of engaged and loyal supporters.

A conceptual graphic image of a community of creators working one big idea together.

They begin to know you not just as a creator, but as a human being. You get a chance to understand their interests, struggles and aspirations in return.

This can develop into a meeting place for like-minded individuals, who can benefit from each other by shared experience—sharing feedback, experiences, and lessons with each other, and themselves becoming advocates for your brand and message.

With time, a community like this could become your most valuable resource.

The Creative Process Teaches YOU

Engaging in content creation isn’t just about producing material for others… it can also be a profound learning experience for yourself.

Throughout the process, you’ll develop a wide range of skills—from creativity and communication to research and problem-solving.

As you create, you’ll become more adept at understanding your audience’s needs and preferences… honing your storytelling abilities, and adapting to ever-changing trends and technologies.

Main Takeaway

Starting a content creation business can be completely transformative.

Creating and sharing high-value content can open the door to unique possibilities.

You could go from internet-invisible to industry expert.

With consistency and persistence, you can benefit from the compounding effect that happens as you build valuable assets in public.

Your content will work around the clock for you, and the process of creating and sharing itself will be an enormous learning opportunity.

The best part though?

Your knowledge and expertise can make a meaningful impact on others.

Your Turn

What other advantages of content creation come to your mind?

What makes you get up everyday and keep pushing?

I’d love to hear from you.

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