Premiere Composer Review – Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-in

Last updated: June 7, 2020

Are you an Adobe Premiere Pro video editor who wants to instantly add production value to your edits, but don’t have time to teach yourself After Effects?

Well, this is the Premiere Pro plug-in you’ve been waiting for! 

In fact, we think it may just be a game changer.  

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Premiere Composer: The “Magic Wand” Plug-in for Video Editing

Created by the hilarious and talented team behind Mister Horse… Premiere Composer is an incredibly useful plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that will bring you After Effects style transitions and creations without ever leaving Adobe Premiere!

You heard me.  It’s every video editor’s dream.

In this Premiere Composer review, we’ll show you all the ways this amazing plugin can enhance your Premiere Pro workflow. 

As a long time user and big fan of Mister Horse’s Animation Composer plug-in for After Effects, I was so excited to see they were bringing the same concept and usability into Adobe Premiere.  

The sales pitch for the plug-in is also very similar.  

The basic Premiere Composer plugin is completely free to download and use, and comes with a collection of very useful transitions, text motion presets, text box titles, and sound effects.

Of course, where the plug-in really shines is in it’s Extension Packs.  More on those below.  

To get started, click here to download Premiere Composer for Adobe Premiere Pro, and follow the tutorials below.

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How Does Premiere Composer Work?

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll be able to open the Premiere Composer window inside Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll find it under Window > Extensions > Premiere Composer.  

In this window, you’re now able search through the list of included transitions, text presets, text boxes, and sound effects. 

Check out this video to see how quickly and easily you’re able to enhance your edits inside Premiere!

Extension Packs for Premiere Composer

While the free version of Premiere Composer contains plenty to get you started… the plug-in really takes off with its extension packs.

To get the most use out of the plugin, we highly recommend picking one or more of these:

Essential Typography Pack – Premiere Composer

Promoted as “the last pack of titles you’ll ever need,” the Essential Typography pack works with both Premiere Composer and Animation Composer plugins.

This titles pack contains tons of timeless designs – all with powerful customization controls… so you can quickly adjust things like color, position, scale, paddings, font, and much more!

Plus, you can easily combine multiple styles and, even better – SAVE your presets.

Having quick access to quality, customizable titles makes this a fantastic tool for Premiere Pro editors everywhere.

Check out the Essential Typography pack for Premiere Composer!

The Most Useful Transitions Pack – Premiere Composer

This pack includes 200+ of the most popular and useful transitions.  The presets are divided into a number of categories, such as:

  • Simulated Camera Movements
  • Zooms
  • Pans
  • Light Leaks
  • Glitches
  • Colorful Shape Stripes
  • And many more!

Everything is really well organized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.  

This is all you need to get that 2 hour job done in 3 minutes! 

Check out the Most Useful Transitions pack

Backgrounds 2 for Premiere Pro and After Effects

This is a pack of very usable and highly customizable backgrounds for Premiere Pro and After Effects.  There are lots of ready-made variations in each category:

  • Flow
  • Geometric
  • Gradient
  • Liquid
  • Pattern
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Typography

There are numerous color presets within each background that will give you a great starting point to quickly get the creative look you’re going for.

Plus, you can easily adjust things elements in the background, such as rotation, position, scale, noise, and size!

Check out the Backgrounds 2 pack for Premiere Composer!

2D Special Effects Pack – Now in Premiere Composer

Need quick access to epic 2D special effects — INSIDE Premiere Pro?!

This pack of spectacular frame-by-frame drawn special effects can bring style to any project.  Add some edge to your footage, or to help accent typography.

The 2D Special Effects pack is compatible with Premiere Composer in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as Animation Composer in Adobe After Effects.

This pack will help your motion graphics stand out without the extra effort!

Check out the 2D Special Effects Pack

Final Thoughts

In summation, while it’s not quite as expansive as Mister Horse’s Animation Composer for After Effects yet… I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing this plug-in grow a ton over the next year or so.  

The Premiere Composer plug-in makes it super easy to create complex effects in very little time, which ultimately means I’m getting jobs done faster.  It has a very smart design, and seamlessly integrates within Adobe Premiere Pro. 

As a long time video editor, I’m excited to see what additions Mister Horse and his team bring to Premiere Composer next. 

How about you?

Have you used the Premiere Composer plug-in for Premiere Pro?  What do you think about it? 

Did you find this Premiere Composer review helpful? Drop us a line in the comments!

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