how to use text animators in adobe after effects

Learning how to animate text is one of the most fundamental skills you’ll need as a motion designer.  And while After Effects does come with various text animation presets… there are many cases when it’s better to have full control and manually create the text animations you’d like to achieve. 

How to Use Text Animators in Adobe After Effects

Text animator effects are a powerful feature of After Effects.

However, if you haven’t used them before… the process can be kind of confusing.  

In this beginners tutorial, Joey Korenman of School of Motion provides step-by-step instructions on how to use text animators in Adobe After Effects.  He walks you through how to create popular motion text effects such as Bounce, Glitch, Slide, and Slots… as well as offering a few simple techniques you can use to start building your own library of text animations:

Can’t Get Enough Beginner After Effects Tutorials?

Be sure to check out School of Motion to learn Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D, Design and Animation from industry pros.  They offer in-depth video lessons, interviews, and interactive training programs designed to help you achieve your motion graphics goals. 

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