A List Of Everything That Secretly Kills Your Productivity

Video Creator: Chris Williamson

Sick of staring at a blank page?

Does your to-do list keep getting longer while your work stands still?

You’re not lazy or unmotivated. The real culprit is hidden discomfort.

Procrastination disguises our deepest insecurities, fueling avoidance behaviors that can paralyze progress.

But you can hack your own mind—diffuse the psychological landmines, and finally do the work that matters.

The key to being productive is understanding what motivates our behavior.

In this video, Steven Bartlett joins Chris Williamson, where they discuss research-backed strategies to understand what is sabotaging your productivity.

Discover how to reframe self-doubt, leverage external accountability, and above all, just get started.

Remember: Everything you want is on the other side of doing.

Actionable Items from the Video

  • Identifying the discomfort you’re avoiding is critical. When you notice yourself getting distracted, ask what psychological discomfort is driving your procrastination. Becoming aware is the first step.
  • We procrastinate to avoid feeling inadequate or facing potential rejection. The stories we tell ourselves generate anxiety. Reframe pressure as a privilege, not a burden.
  • Do the smallest version of the task to get started. Staring at a blank page is uncomfortable. Write one sentence. Send one email. Tiny progress builds momentum.
  • Leverage accountability partners. Doing challenging work alone can be excruciating. Having someone watch keeps you focused. Schedule sessions with a friend.
  • Confidence grows through experience. Imposter syndrome is normal when stretching into new areas. Remember all previous successes to counter self-doubt.

Our Takeaway

We all struggle with procrastination and avoiding difficult tasks or conversations… but the smallest steps today put you miles ahead tomorrow.

According to experts, we are driven more by avoiding discomfort than pursuing pleasure.

Taking small consistent actions—even when uncomfortable—compounds into big results over time.

The path to accomplishing your biggest goals comes down to understanding what causes you to procrastinate.

Avoiding short-term pain leads to greater long-term suffering… so embrace the pressure and make progress daily.

Your Turn

Do you struggle with procrastination?

Always finding something else to do instead of the thing you should be doing?

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